Booth 4

As a collector, dealer and shop manager for over 35 years, this booth owner knows what people want.  With a mixture of antique furniture and vintage tins, current trends and proper primitives, Booth 4 really brings some country character and seasonality to our store.

This dealer does a great job keeping fresh finds up front. Whether it’s a wooden treasure or collectible can you are searching for, your first stop should be here!


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  1. My girlfriend. Elizabeth Chibe, lives close by in the Chicago area and frequents your wonderful shop. Unfortunately I live in Florida. We both love and collect all types of Mason Jars. A couple of months ago while chatting on the phone she was telling me about your shop and asked me if I would like her to go to your shop and look for some Mason Jars. Well she certainly found me some absolutely fabulous jars from your shop! My only wish is that I could have purchased them all! You have a wonderful fabulous shop and I hope someday to visit in person. I believe these Mason Jars are antiques since they have thewhite ceramic interior inside of the lids. Would you please let me know the correct term and age of those jars or where I could find out the history. Thank you so much.

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